The Different Types of Pitbull Bully Bloodlines

Razors Edge, Gotti or Gotty, Remyline, Monster G, Kingpin, Mikeland, Greyline, Gaff, Ganghis Kon, Royal, and Watchdog are just a few of the well known bloodlines out there. We will be trying to break down the basics and a little history of some of the most popular bloods you will find in most of the bully style pit bulls.

There are a lot of different bloodlines for the pitbulls that produce different styles. It doesn’t mean you have to stick to a certain blood to get the look you want. An experienced breeder will know how to work with the different bloodlines to achieve the look they are trying to produce. There are probably only about 10% of breeders that have the knowledge and scientific background in breeding dogs; and that is likely a high estimate. Any average breeder should at least be able to break down what they are trying to achieve with one of their breedings and how in reference to the bloodlines from the breeding pair. Most kennels just try to throw two nice looking pit bulls together hoping for a good turn out without really knowing all the details behind the breeding. Sure, two nice looking dogs should give you some nice puppies, but their are only a few elite breeders that have the knowledge and skills of producing what they want with a breeding. Believe it or not, most breeders only go by chances or luck.

I guarantee if you start calling all the breeders out there and ask beyond the typical questions, you will be able to define who has more experience and knowledge. If you are paying top dollar for a pit bull puppy, go beyond asking the usual: How big is the head? How wide is the chest? How much does he weigh? How tall is he? What color are they?—Instead, ask questions like: What is your goal with this breeding? Why do you think they will have those traits? Why is the blood known for producing that trait? These are just a few of the questions that can get you on the right track. Start asking Why? instead of the What? questions. I bet not only will you find many breeders not being able to answer your questions, but will even get frustrated and annoyed. So if you are serious and would like to know more, it is only to your advantage to ask more.

Please bear with us while we construct a page dedicated to each bloodline and give you a brief history and background of the bloodlines.