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Pitbull Vitamins

Pitbull Vitamins

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ancestors Ancestors→ THE HQ BULLIES DIFFERENCE! ←

“It’s an important thing to remember where you came from!”

1 30 Ancestors

Sexy Obessesion’s Sire – Grand Champion Pokemon

2 33 Ancestors

Hurricane’s Sire – Champion Lil Fonzi

ch heff Ancestors

Eternal Doom’s Grandsire – Champion Heff

Cai03 Ancestors

Doom’s Grandsire – Remembering Cairo aka Cai

excalibur Ancestors

Dot Com’s Grandsire – Dominion’s Excalibur

REMY1 1 Ancestors

Hammer’s and Sexy’s Grandsire – Remy Martin

killa kam2 Ancestors

Poison’s Grandsire – Killa Kam

SHOWTIME01 Ancestors

Virus’ Grandsire – Blue Edge Showtime

peaches Ancestors

Virus’ Great Grandame – Blue Edge Peaches

PACO Ancestors

Virus’ Great Grandsire – Ch Samurai Paco